Pawpro Media, a video production company based in Washington DC, produces high quality, creative video content media for business. The use of video on the Web and in business has exploded with each passing year because its presence draws traffic and adds dimension and personality. It also creates a sense of interaction.  Whether it’s animation, time-lapse or testimonials, landing page conversions get a boost from video content.  Consider this fact: the smart phones of today are more powerful than the computers of the mid ’80s, and over half of the U.S. population has one in their hand, pocket or purse, right now.  Half of all mobile traffic comes from video viewing.  Video capitalizes on this vehicle and inspires, sells, advocates, distinguishes, educates, entertains, and champions in ways print simply cannot.  Video allows you to tell your story or demonstrate why your company, product, or non-profit matter in today’s marketplace and community.  But where do you start? 

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A multimedia presence on the Internet is very attainable, essential even, for the smallest companies. Video in particular, maximizes organic search results, but more importantly adds dimension and can improve engagement.  Pawpro offers creative video solutions to companies of all sizes.  Effective video content doesn’t have to cost a ton, but it should look professional and have an objective.

Effective media content is not happenstance. Highly stylized or simplistic in its approach, a video must have an explicit goal.  Let Pawpro Media help you get started.  Click on the Video Portfolio to view examples of Pawpro videos.

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