Recruiting, Highlight Reels and Game Videos

Athletic Recruiting/Highlight Reels Production/Editing Pricing

The videos above were shot entirely by Pawpro Media. None of the video shot below was by Pawpro, only edited.  Please notice the difference in quality.

Pawpro shoots high quality, HD video and focuses on the athlete.  This is not grainy, unsteady wide shots of the field of play.  Call or e-mail to discuss pricing of highlight reels. Pawpro will upload the finished highlight reel with a private YouTube™ link, so you can conveniently forward your reel to recruiters.  No mailing of DVDs necessary.  (If you want a DVD, we can do that, as well.)  For a fee, a player may also have a Web page showcasing their highlight reel and any other academic, honors or extracurricular details of interest to recruiters and coaches.

Editing may include graphics that help identify the player, still photographs of the player, and onscreen stats.  Pawpro can incorporate footage shot by others,*   and music, if requested.  Prices are based on the amount of footage to be screened, length of the final video, hours of editing, and graphics.  We try to keep the process simple, and do not hide fees.

•$175 to video a game ($30 gasoline fee for games requiring more than 40 miles one way of travel, and equal increments with each additional 40 miles.)

Editing Services

  • Multiple games clips edited together
  • Graphics designating player of interest
  • Graphics of player stats
  • Incorporating still shots of the player
  • Music
  • Interview of player/coach

Editing costs are based on the complexity of the project:  the amount of footage screening necessary, graphics, and music used in the final video.  Working with multiple formats usually adds time and complexity to the editing process.

*Not all footage formats can be accommodated.

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