Commercial & Residential Property Photos

Architectural Photography and Videography

I use HDR (High Dynamic Range) and fusion photography techniques to create dramatic and vivid architectural photos.  Simply stated, I blend several images into one to capture the best exposure for every square inch of a room or exterior–maximizing the visual appeal.

Residential Property

Residential photography pricing is based on a property square footage and my time on location.  (See pricing packages below.)   Nighttime exteriors are also available, but charged separately because of special timing and scheduling requirements.  Package photography pricing, detailed below, includes one scheduled (1.5 hour) appointment and basic photo processing.   Hi-res, print ready, as well as lower resolution/Web formatted digital files are provided.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.34.14 PM
Amy Linn Doherty real estate photography

If video is in the cards, every video tour includes professional HD videotaping and editing.  I can provide walking tour style shots via GlideCam or Matterport virtual tours. (Please be aware that most D.C. suburbs fall within a No Fly/restricted air space and aerial footage is not possible in many cases.)  I offer package pricing for videos based on property square footage.  A basic photo (no video) package is designed for smaller homes (2,000 sq. ft.) for $350, and includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, rec room, foyer, laundry, 1 each front and rear exterior shots. Contact me if you have interest in a Matterport virtual tour. (No Video is included in basic packages.)  Properties must be in photo ready condition at the time of the scheduled appointment.  Pawpro will not dress, move large furniture or clean spaces.)

Commercial Property


Photography of commercial property exteriors entails multiple shoots to maximize natural lighting and to highlight architectural details. Commercial properties are priced by the half day, beginning at $500 for a half day of interior/exterior shooting.  Basic commercial exterior pricing begins at $500/per property (processing included.)  Hi-res, print ready, as well as lower res, Web formatted digital files are provided.  Pricing includes basic processing.  Extensive retouching is charged by the half hour–$35/half-hour.  Please call to discuss further pricing details.


Each package includes up to 30 photos and 1.5 hour of on site shooting, as well as hi and low res processing of digital files suitable for print or Web usage.  You may pay upon receipt of the photos at the prices listed below, or pay upon the sale of the listing for an extra $200*.  Property must be photo ready when I arrive.

$250*-2,000 sq. ft or less

$350*-2,001 sq. ft -3,000

$450*-3,001 sq. ft- 4,000

$550*-4,001 sq. ft-5,000

$650*-5,001 sq, ft-6,000

*Terms apply.  If listing contract expires or ends without a sale the full amount is due–package price, plus $200.  Photos are not transferable to another broker or brokerage.

All photos and video are the property of Pawpro Media/Amy Doherty and my not be reproduced without express written permission.

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