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Pawpro is the creation of Amy Doherty, an award-winning video writer/producer, with extensive corporate and broadcast media production experience in Washington DC. Amy produced and wrote an issues oriented talk show for the VISN/ACTS network; produced an award-winning documentary airing on PBS called, “Take Away This Anger”.   She wrote several episodes of  Romantic Escapes, a travel and leisure program hosted by Mike Rowe in the early years of The Learning Channel (TLC).  Additionally, she worked with Mike Rowe as a field producer for a real estate showcase program of new homes created by select builders in suburban Baltimore called, “Your New Home”.  In 2014, she traveled across the U.S. following a cyclist and his road crew making a rookie attempt in the Race Across America, which some call the toughest bike race in the world.

Currently, Amy has a large acrylic print of Shenandoah National Park on display and available for purchase at the Tyson’s Corner REI (8209 Watson Street). She will give 25% of the proceeds from this sale to the REI Cooperative Action Fund. Go see it, and contact me via my Instagram account if you have questions about any photography project. Besides creating video and photography for local clients, Amy does contract video work for NIH, and other businesses.  Prior to the pandemic she taught a travel photography class at REI. If you are interested in portraits or any other type of photo session please note that Amy does not book sessions via any third party vendors that may appear to offer her services online. Please contact Amy directly ( if you wish to discuss a potential photo session.

Would love to hear from you.

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