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Commercial and architectural property photography involves more artistry than other types of real estate photos.  More time is taken and needed to get the dramatic angles and lighting to capture the best architectural details, remove distractions and highlight the  character of a property.  I utilize the same high dynamic range (HDR) and fusion techniques used in my other property photography, but each project generally involves multiple visits to maximize lighting–natural and artificial–and limit visible foot and car traffic.  I take the time to find interesting and unique angles that tell the tangible, business and lifestyle story of a structure or design, to evoke practical and emotional responses from viewers.

Commercial properties are priced by the half day, beginning at $350 for a half day of interior/exterior shooting or lifestyle shooting.  Basic commercial exterior pricing for a full day is $650/per property (processing included), plus a licensing fee per photo.  All photos are owned and remain the intellectual property of Pawpro Media.

Exterior of Founding Farmers Restaurant in Tysons Corner, VA

Hi-res, print ready, as well as lower res, Web formatted digital files are provided.  Pawpro maintains ownership of photos.  Pricing includes basic processing.  Retouching is charged by the half hour–$45/half-hour.  Please call to discuss further pricing and licensing details.  My clients include JLL, Lerner Enterprises, Oak Hill Properties, Griffith Properties, and Metro Green.

Please visit my portfolio page for more examples of my work.

All photos are property of Pawpro Media/Amy Doherty

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