Another American Odyssey on the Horizon.

Less than 30 days and counting before Pawpro is on hand to capture the guts, glory and comradery of the finish line at the fourth annual running of the American Odyssey Relay to DC on April 27 -28, 2012.  Last year I covered the entire 200+ miles of the course.  I’ll miss seeing the runnersContinue reading “Another American Odyssey on the Horizon.”

Cherry Blossoms 2012

Managed to get downtown yesterday morning before the rain hit to get some photographs of the Cherry Blossoms, which are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.  A traffic and pedestrian nightmare surrounded the pink forest on Friday evening when the weather was perfect for viewing and photographing.  You take what you can get, IContinue reading “Cherry Blossoms 2012”

Race Across America for

Rate This In the process of producing videos, I have often been in the company of accomplished and extraordinary people. Most of them adults. Most of them professionals. In the latest Pawpro Media video release we are highlighting the children of Hopecam who are, or have been, homebound and isolated by treatment for life threateningContinue reading “Race Across America for”

Cross-Country Support for

To hear former Hopecam user, Daniel, now 13 years old, recall his initial thoughts of being diagnosed with cancer, wondering how long he has to live, wondering whether he will ever see his friends again isn’t a topic of which we expect a child to be conversent. And his mother, Donna, recalling how she worried about how to “. . . keep him whole” in the process. But these children and families are forever changed by this event.

Pawpro Loves GoPro

Perhaps it’s just the Valentine’s Day spirit, but I’ve got to say I just love the shots that come out of the GoPro Hero. The first Pawpro project to include GoPro footage is for where we’ll focus on the founder’s upcoming cross-country bicycle trek in the famed Race Across America. Of course the BicycleContinue reading “Pawpro Loves GoPro”

Anything Is Possible 5K

How many races offer the allure of finishing with a negative time, and helping military charities in the process?  This is a unique race series held on the night the clocks turn back each November.  It is held in mulitiple cities, which included Denver, Seattle, Austin, Reno, Bethesda, Viera, Murfreesboro, and Virginia Beach in 2011.Continue reading “Anything Is Possible 5K”

Anything Is Possible 5K video released

Each video and production develops a life of its own. The latest release from Pawpro Media is no exception. This is the fourth video we’ve completed for Bob Fleshner and his superb race organizing partners. The Anything Is Possible 5K is held on the first Sunday of November on the night the clocks turn back,Continue reading “Anything Is Possible 5K video released”

Adjusting the Focus on Business use of Video in a 24/7 World–Videotaping Conferences, Presentations, and Instruction.

If your vision is a little blurry on how video and multimedia applies to your business or Web site and social media strategy, let me bring things into focus. First and foremost, research now consistently shows that over 50% of consumers begin their search for products or services online. In this new consumer world anyContinue reading “Adjusting the Focus on Business use of Video in a 24/7 World–Videotaping Conferences, Presentations, and Instruction.”

Pawpro Media’s Bi-Coastal Shoot Tonight–Anything Is Possible 5K

Tonight, Pawpro Media will have crews working in Seattle, Atlanta and just outside Washington, DC covering the multi-city race, Anything Is Possible 5K, which starts and coincides with Daylight Savings and the clocks turning back. At, 1:50 AM runners will hit the pavement in Atlanta, Reno, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Virginia Beach trying to beatContinue reading “Pawpro Media’s Bi-Coastal Shoot Tonight–Anything Is Possible 5K”