Lunar-Like Landing at White Pocket and South Coyote Buttes

Travel to the Earth's version of the Moon at White Pocket inside Paris Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

Happy 100th Grand Canyon: And Many More?

A celebration of the Grand Canyon's 100th Year as a National Park

Snow a Welcome Change to DC Scenery.

First substantial snow for DC in a while seems to be a welcomed change from all the rain the area has experienced of late.

Photo Journal: A Close-Up on Captiva Island, Florida, Under a Big Banyan

You never know what will come of your friendships with neighbors.  In the fall of 2002, my husband, children and I moved into a home in Northern Virginia which backed up to a much older, Antietam, farm house with trellis anchored flowers growing up the white siding layered with generations of paint.  For years we heard about her home …

Let the Thaw Begin . . . VA

A few more photos from a frozen Difficult Run Stream before it thaws.

A Difficult Winter Run

Photos of Difficult Run Stream which feeds into the Potomac River at Great Falls, VA.