Business/Viral Video Packages

Business Profiles/Viral Advertisements

Every video package comes with 1080 HD quality video footage, and is delivered online. Prices are based on the level of complexity and equipment required to complete a project. Elements of a production may include scheduling locations, planning, hiring crew, shooting, animated graphics, music, voiceover, editing and delivery of the finished product. Business package prices may vary for higher detailed projects which require more extensive shooting or editing.

Projects that do not fit within basic pricing because of multiple shooting sessions, complexity, and/or subsequent editing above and beyond predictable package ranges must be priced individually.

Please call or email for a personal quote. 571.218.6857, (Amy)

Terms and Conditions:

•Pawpro must have a signed contract before video or photographic shoot may occur.

•Deposit equal to 50% of estimated price due upon signing of contract, and remaining 50% due upon delivery of finished video.

•All packages allow for one client review to make changes/corrections to video content. No additional videotaping or photography will occur unless Pawpro is responsible for an error, and all other reasonable remedies have been exhausted.

•Video footage and finished video will not be stored in any form for more than 30 days after delivery by Pawpro. Broker Profiles prepared by Pawpro may be stored for future use.

Would love to hear from you.

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