Snow a Welcome Change to DC Scenery.

Constitution Gardens benches in a blanket of snow.
Beside the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Despite the government shutdown and the snow, National Park Service workers clear the walkways, predawn, to keep them passable and safe.
Lincoln Memorial during snow storm 2019
The fenced up Washington Monument


Geese resting and huddled for warmth in the Capital Gardens pond


Geese landing in the Constitution Gardens pond w/ Washington Monument in the background
Constitution Gardens geese in snow storm
Blue Heron on the bank of Constitution Gardens Pond
Einstein Memorial decorated with snow in front of National Academy of Sciences where one quote reads, “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.” Albert Einstein
First visitors to Constitution Gardens as snow continues to fall.
Washington wakes and starts enjoying the snow.

Published by Pawpro Media Photography and Video Production and Travel Content

Amy Doherty is a Washington, DC Area based photography and video production professional and owner of Pawpro Media, a creative media solutions company. Pawpro focuses on providing high quality, photography, video, and time-lapse content for Websites and other social media endeavors . VA, MD, DC Additionally, Amy is an outdoor, travel enthusiast. who seeks out national parks and other natural settings for landscape and wildlife photography projects.

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