Pawpro on Deck to Produce Video for Lerner Enterprises and Oak Hill, and more.

Pawpro Media is keeping busy in March, April and beyond with projects from Lerner Enterprises/Oak Hill, N2Shape and RDB Running.

Pawpro will complete a promotional video for Lerner Enterprises, and its subsidiary Oak Hill this Spring which will feature a single family home community in Loudon County, Virginia.  This is a new client for Pawpro, so we’re eager to impress and complete this project.

Pawpro Media Video Production (Floor Install)

I’m also in the process of completing a series of videos for N2Shape, which is a VA and DC area fitness and training company.  Owner, Ellen Yates has years of personal training experience, and she leads and directs the company’s wide assortment of exercise classes and personal conditioning options, which range from spin, to group training, yoga, as well as personal one-on-one programs.  Here are two of the short form videos I’ve produced for N2Shape designed for placement on Website landing pages.


Pawpro photos from Race Across America 2012 will also be featured in the soon to be published book, “What Spins the Wheel” by Len Forkas.  I’ll detail this project in an upcoming post.







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Amy Doherty is a Washington, DC Area based photography and video production professional and owner of Pawpro Media, a creative media solutions company. Pawpro focuses on providing high quality, photography, video, and time-lapse content for Websites and other social media endeavors . VA, MD, DC Additionally, Amy is an outdoor, travel enthusiast. who seeks out national parks and other natural settings for landscape and wildlife photography projects.

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