Another American Odyssey on the Horizon.

Less than 30 days and counting before Pawpro is on hand to capture the guts, glory and comradery of the finish line at the fourth annual running of the American Odyssey Relay to DC on April 27 -28, 2012.  Last year I covered the entire 200+ miles of the course.  I’ll miss seeing the runners along the beautiful backroads between Gettyburg and DC, but probably won’t miss being awake for 36+ hours.  I’ll leave that to Race Directors, Bob Fleshner, Kelly Cameron and the runners.  Have fun and be safe.



I’ll be looking for good shots near the finish line and on the last leg.  Another video will be in the making and we’d love to put you in it.  Smile for camera and don’t be afraid to come by and say hello.

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